Welcome to District 8

Pierce County

We meet on the 3rd Sunday 2:00PM at the Mid County Community Center.  It's easy to find!  From SR 512 take the Canyon Road exit north.  Turn left onto 104th St.  Pass the school on the right, and turn right onto 44th Ave E. which runs along a fence after the "Dead End" sign.  The community center is in the back at 10205-44th Ave E., Tacoma.  Doors open at 2:00 for a short business meeting at 2:30, and then an open circle jam. Please join us.  Finger foods welcome!  Contacts below.  No meetings June through August.

Mark Your Calendar!                                     Print Schedule  

October 1      Hey! Have you paid your 2018 dues?  Application

3rd Sunday  District 8 Meeting at 2:30 then Open Jam.  Please join us.

Mondays        Dance Band Practice 5:30-7:30PM    1st & 3rd Monday

Feb. 15-18    Olympia Old Time Music Festival -      10th Annual

Apr. TBA       Fiddle Show in Buckley  2:00PM  Flyer  Program  Our Story 

July 1-8        Festival of American Fiddle Tunes - Port Townsend (below)

July TBA       WOTFA Summer Workshop @ Moses Lake    Site

Aug. TBA       Picnic at Green River Saddle Club      Directions

Dec.  17        Christmas Party! Pot luck, music, bring friends!

Play Outs

1st Tuesday    10:30   Heartwood Care Center      Tacoma

2nd Tuesday   10:00   Alaska Gardens Rehab.       Tacoma    

3rd Thurs.      10:00   Mid County Comm. Ctr        Tacoma

4th Monday     6:30P  Regency/Prestige Care        Puyallup

3rd Tuesday   10:30   University Place Care Ctr.    Tacoma
                                 in Oct. Dec. Feb. Apr. Jun. Aug.

3rd Thursday   1:30P  Franke Tobey Jones Ret.      Tacoma
                                 in Sep. Dec. Mar. Jun.

Dec. 6             6PM     People's Retirment Com.     Tacoma

Beginner’s Jam

Has it been too long since you played your violin?  Never jamed before?  Not sure if you're ready?  Need a coach, some lessons?  Come and play with us in a "slow jam" tailored to help you rekindle your skills in a fun way.  Still not sure?  Contact: Barbara 926-8457

For The Younger Musicians

We've started a junior jam/band!  Please join us.
Meet on 1st and 3rd Mondays 6:00-7:30PM at the MidCounty Community Center above.  
Start a new club, play with your pals, meet some new people!

Dance Band Practice

If you are interested in playing with the D8 Dance Band, we meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays 5:30-7:30PM at the Mid County Community Center above.  We will play contradance, square dance, and swing style music, and sheet music is provided.  It's a good time to urge your playing to another level, plus it's fun!  We have played at the NW Folklife Festival contradance, Wilkeson Days, the Norwegian Independance Day Parade in Ballard, as well as local square dances.  The more the merrier! 
Contact: Karen Herzog  253-590-9046

What is"Old Time" music anyway?

Basically, it is North American folk music (excluding Native American) dating from the colonial period through the 1800s and even to the early 1900s, prior to the wide spread availability of radio music.  In most communities, folks played their own music with input from their British, Scottish, Irish, European, African heritage.  Music was played on acoustic stringed instruments (mostly fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass) for community dances, clogging, singing, and evening get-togethers after a hard day's work.  Various styles are now associated with rural areas such as Appalachia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Missouri, and Tennessee to name just a few, and "old timey" music may often be referred to as "mountain music." Pioneers brought this music to the northwest as they migrated via the Oregon Trail.  Our musicians play other genres of music too.  If it's fun, we'll play it!

Some Interesting Links

Acoustical Society of America, NW

Washington Bluegrass Association

National Oldtime Fiddler's Contest

Fiddle Tunes Workshop in Port Townsend

Northwest Folklife Festival

WOTFA Resources

Guitar Chord Finder

Mandolin Chord Finder

Ukulele Chord Finder


Barbara Peterson, Chair     253-926-8457  bmacleanp@comcast.net

Ron Duncan, Reporter        253-549-2553  mbdrwd@comcast.net

Denise Jennings, Secretary 253-862-4186 joeanddenisejennings@comcast.net

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Now, back to jamming!

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